Art Of The Gentleman

Have you ever sat and asked yourself what happened to the days where properly dressed men were a common sight? You know those days where even little boys were seen wearing trousers, leather shoes, and collared shirts.

Grab a copy of Art of The Gentleman and join me as I purvey the lost art form. This pocket guide serves as a tremendous tool; not only for those that are new to the art but will also sharpen those skills for the more established gentleman.

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Dapper Gentleman’s Lounge
1000 Washington, Ave
St. Louis, MO
Sonny’s Barbershop
8204 Gravois Rd,
St. Louis, MO 63123
World News
4 S Central Ave,
Clayton, MO 63105
The Mizzou Store
911 Rollins St,
Columbia, MO 65211