Bow Poll®-Political Polling

The Bow Poll® has been launched December 3rd, 2016. It is time to go beyond the  “Twitter surveys” and the “Facebook questionnaires.” That is exactly what the Bow Poll® offers. In identifying the electorate; statistical sample sizes are determined from the frequent voters at each level. Wherein, a frequent voter is defined as someone who has voted in the past two out of three elections. The political polling is conducted through the month of December and the results will be published in January 2017. In addition to the polling results a regression analysis will be conducted to project the turnout of municipal elections.

7th Ward

At the ward level a poll will be conducted for the Aldermanic race set to take place March 7th, 2017. While a few people are rumored to run; Jack Coatar is the only individual that has filed.

78th Legislative

At the legislative level a poll will be conducted for the Mayoral race set to take place March 7th, 2017. Francis Slay is not running for re-election and as a result there are several candidates in that race. The list of candidates are as follows:

  • Tishaura Jones
  • Antonio French
  • Lewis Reed
  • Jeffrey Boyd
  • Jimmie Matthews
  • Lyda Krewson
  • William Haas

5th Senatorial District

At the senatorial level a poll will be conducted regarding the proposal to build a MLS stadium.